Dead of Summer TV Review | Episode 9

Hello! Wow, it has been over a month since this show finished off its first (and likely final) season. Many people think they will be canceling the show since most of the characters ended up being killed off. And I still haven’t even seen the season finale. I feel the shame, guys. Now before we get into the spoilers, you should probably already know what this show is about. Its a horror show on Freeform that is phenomenal. That is pretty much all you need to know. Its set in 1989 and crazy shit goes down in this summer camp. If you’re uncomfortable with sacrifice and the topic of satanism, this probably isn’t the show for you, but if you are totally okay with that sort of thing, feel free to watch the show. I ended up giving this episode a 97%. It was so good!

That is the end of the non-spoilery section, so if you haven’t seen this show, you should leave or you will get spoiled for the events of this ninth episode. If you have seen this episode, keep reading and we can discuss it!



Amy Hughes: wow, this bitch surprised me. She seemed so sweet and innocent. When in reality, she was a homicidal psychopath. Malphas chose her for that reason. I liked her character so much and she was the villain…

Alex Powell: he was doing everything in his power to get Amy back and doesn’t know that she is the psychopath. I wonder if he will survive the final episode…

Blair Ramos: I love how much he was doing to save those kids, even if we didn’t see him too much this episode.

Jessie Tyler: Jessie was doing everything in her power to save Amy, even offering herself to Malphas. It really showed how much she really cares about Amy. Its too bad I don’t think she will survive the final episode.

Drew Reeves:  I love how much he was doing to save those kids, even if we didn’t see him too much this episode.

Garrett Sykes: It freaked me out what Malphas/Amy did to him, but I love how he was willing to do anything to save Amy. If anyone is going to survive the final episode, my money is on him.

Deb Carpenter: She really grew on me, how much she was willing to do to save those kids and get them out of there. Its a shame Amy killed her.


The episode starts off with this girl getting into a car because she is trying to get to Camp Stillwater. Amy/Malphas is trying to gain sympathy in order to get them to let her go. Holyoke tells Sykes to go open this huge bowl/tank. Its the last pure water at Camp Stillwater and it will apparently save Amy’s soul. Amy was chosen because her soul is pure. In another part of camp, Deb is getting all of the kids on the bus. Along with Drew and Blair, she starts taking them back home.

There is a flashback scene where a young Amy has her brother’s pet rat in her hands. She is constantly put down by her family. Her brother tells her that their parents don’t want her anymore so they are sending her off to live with her grandmother. They find her brother’s rat dead in the sink. Back in present day, they are pouring holy water around the cabin. Holyoke says they need to call the Spirits of Light (okay, even I’ll admit this was so cheesy…). Blood starts boiling in the lake and something comes out of it, heading for the cabin. Blood begins pouring over the cabin. Holyoke starts bleeding out of everything and then he disappears.

In another flashback, Amy goes with her brother to their garage where he locks her in. The next morning, a fireman gets her out and tells her that her family is dead. Back in present day, they discover the piano was tainted, which was why it destroyed Holyoke. They have to get the demon out of Amy themselves. While Sykes and Alex hold Amy down, Jessie starts pouring the pure water down Amy’s throat. The chair starts to slide across the room and Sykes is trying to get Amy back. It doesn’t work, but it did make Malphas show himself in Amy.

The bus with all of the kids starts going into fog and something hits it. Blood starts pouring over the bus. The bus driver leaves to check it out and he is attacked. Malphas starts targeting Alex. Writing appears on the bus’s window, saying, “Let me out.” Deb goes outside to stall it while they try to get the bus started. Alex, Sykes and Jessie start chanting and throwing the purified water on Malphas. Garrett gets too close to Malphas and he bites Garrett’s neck.

There is another flashback scene where Amy is with her grandmother or possibly at some therapy session. It was a little confusing to me. Back in present day, Jessie tries to get through to Amy. There is a voice that seems like it is Deb’s and she is knocking on the door, trying to get them to open it. Amy appears to be back, so Jessie opens the door, finding that Deb is seemingly inhabited by Malphas, so they throw holy water on her and slam the door shut. When they turn back around, they discover that Malphas is still inside of Amy, but is now free. Malphas tries to get them to open the door and ends up knocking Alex and Jessie unconscious.

Blair and Drew are trying to get the bus to start while Deb is wondering around and finds the body of the driver. When Jessie wakes up, she sees that Malphas has tied a rope around Sykes’ ankles and throat. Deb offers herself to the monster and Keith shows up, choking her. Jessie offers herself up as a new vessel. The transference begins. Malphas is now inside of Jessie and Amy wakes up.

Jessie tells Alex to throw her in the tub of purified water, which will kill Malphas, but also her. He does this and shuts her inside. Keith disappears, leaving Deb alive, after the purified water killed Malphas. The blood disappears off the bus and it starts, so Drew drives them all home. They get Garrett down and Amy goes to the tub, opening it to find Jessie dead. They perform CPR on her to bring her back to life and she does.

Deb goes back to camp. In a flashback, Amy meets Deb for the first time who tells her that she is fully staffed. It returns to the flashback of when Margo died, but we see the full story of how Amy intentionally let her go so she could to the camp and called the cops herself. That girl from the car in the beginning of the episode was actually at the party that night. Back in present day, Deb finds a map and a bloody knife. That girl shows up and Amy kills her.

We learn that Amy had called Malphas back to her. We learn she killed her family and that Malphas never wanted a pure soul, but a corrupted one. Deb stabs Amy/Malphas and Amy kills her. It is revealed that Amy was the masked figure killing off all of the counselors.

My Thoughts:

Pardon my french, but WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK WAS THAT ENDING. I was literally screaming at my TV, “WHAT? WHAT. WHAT?!” I never for one second suspected that Amy was a psychopath and a murderer. I never once suspected that she was the person killing everyone. I was so upset when she killed Deb and this episode (while it was cheesy in the beginning), really just freaked the shit out of me. I really enjoyed all of the character development we got, even if I found it hard to believe at first. The cinematography was on point and everything was just deliciously creepy. I really enjoyed it.

And that is the end of this review. Did you find it super surprising about Amy? Comment down below! And that is going to be it for this post today. Thank you all so much for reading this, I hope you enjoyed it, and I will see you next time.



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