Dead of Summer TV Review | Episode 6

Hello! The season is nearly over! There are only ten episodes in the season and I am so excited to see where this series will end up. If you still aren’t aware of this amazing series, then let me enlighten you. This is a new horror series on Freeform that is set at Camp Stillwater in 1989. This show is fabulous and I highly recommend it. For this episode, I would give it a 98.75% on my scale. It was very close to being the same rating as last week, but the only reason it is down is because it just wasn’t as shocking as last week’s episode.  This week was definitely creepier, though.

That is the end of the non-spoilery section, so if you haven’t seen this show, you should leave or you will get spoiled for the events of this sixth episode. If you have seen this episode, keep reading and we can discuss it!



Amy Hughes: We didn’t see a ton of her in this episode, but props to the actress who plays Amy (Elizabeth Lail) because she did a phenomenal job in this episode. She looked seriously, terrifyingly possessed by both Cricket and Holyoke. It was disturbingly creepy, and I really enjoyed that.

Joel Goodson: He is still pretty shook up by everything with Holyoke, but thinks the Ouija board is a bad idea. And he would be right. We don’t see a ton of screen time from him.

Alex Powell: he is one of the people who really wants to know what happened to Cricket and he blames himself for what happened to her. But I really appreciated seeing how much he did care about Cricket.

Carolina “Cricket” Diaz: While she is dead, we did sort of see her when she was possessing Amy. She now knows what is going on and while I don’t think they will try to contact her again, I wonder if she will come into play again.

Blair Ramos: I really enjoyed seeing how much Blair cared about Cricket and the lengths that he was willing to go to to figure out just whatever happened to her were just so heartwarming. I also liked that him and Drew seemed to be on a little bit better terms.

Jessie Tyler: This girl has been annoying me all season with her being a nonbeliever, but now she believes, which I am super excited about. I really love the chemistry between her and Sykes. They work really well together and they both find out a lot of things that I don’t think they would figure out on their own or with someone else, so I hope to see more of that throughout the rest of the season.

Drew Reeves: We didn’t see much of him this episode, but I am glad that he seems to be in the process of forgiving Blair and they may end up at least being friends.

Garrett Sykes: I love all that he figured out in this episode and how he is unwilling to let this go, especially since it is what got his father killed.

Deb Carpenter: I am glad we had this episode because we figured out Deb actually isn’t intentionally shady. The box was just a time capsule and she is still mourning over the loss of a dear friend of hers. So she just is not a bad person.


The episode starts off with a party at the camp several years earlier. In this flashback, Deb is a teenager and she and a boy named Keith leave the party to go bury a box of memorabilia. This is where we learn the mysterious box is simply a time capsule and that we all read way too much into the mystery of the box. In present day, Cricket’s mom and Blair are gathering her things and packing them into her mom’s car.

Deb states that it was a mistake to reopen the camp. Back at her cabin, there are wet footprints that lead to the back room where the mask (which still seems pretty freaking shady to me) and box are. A man scares the crap out of her and it is revealed that it is Keith. Around a campfire, the counselors are talking because they want to know if it really was just a horrible accident or if it was the work of Holyoke.

Blair and Alex go down in that creepy basement type building (where in the first episode Amy was attacked by the spirits) to get a case of some sort. It’s a Ouija board. From the start I knew this was a horrible idea because you are not only opening yourself up to good spirits (which was their intent), but also to the evil spirits (such as Holyoke). All of the counselors begrudgingly agree to meet after lights out to talk to Cricket and figure out what happened to her.

Back in her cabin, Deb is very upset about what happened to Cricket and asks Keith to leave. In another flashback, Deb is getting the signature of a very attractive lawyer and he agrees as long as she gives him her phone number (we also learn that she herself is a lawyer). At the diner in present day, Garrett opens up the cuff link and discovers a file number inside.

In another flashback, Deb is a lawyer and her partner is that hot lawyer who asked for her number and they are also dating. He proposes to her and she says yes. Back in present day, Garrett finds the file and discovers it is a notebook full of his father’s research on what happened and is happening at that camp.

Blair and Alex are in the kitchen, looking for stuff to build the doorway between worlds. They are busted by Deb who is sassed and disrespected by Blair. In another flashback, Deb runs into Keith and he tries to get her to dig up the time capsule with him. Back in present day, Deb finds Keith at a fire and they are kissing and dancing.

In a lounge/cabin, the counselors are calling the spirits (I still think that this is a horrible idea). Most of the counselors still are not at all comfortable with this. And suddenly the Ouija board catches on fire by a spirit and then this spirits enters into Amy. It is revealed that she is being inhabited by both Holyoke and Cricket.

Cricket reveals that she was pushed into the bear trap and says, “He is coming.” Holyoke starts talking about how they should have killed Amy when they had the chance and that she is “the doorway” (which I will be talking about later; I have a few theories about this). Holyoke then tries to kill Amy, but Blair shuts it down before this happens and Amy has no recollection of what happened to her.

Jessie is passed out, but wakes up when she sees her hand drawing something (she is not in control of herself). The pencil and paper fly away from her and end up imbedded in the wall. What she drew was a compass sort of shape, with a skull in the center, but instead of standard directions on the points (NSEW), there are numbers. Jessie goes to call Garrett.

Deb wakes up in the woods and Keith is leaving. He says he can’t stay. Jessie finds Garrett in the camp and he uses the compass type object on the map he got in the groundskeeper/gardener’s cabin (he died earlier on in the season). They use this to find where things are buried (the numbers). Specifically, they know where the skull of Holyoke is buried.

Deb after running after Keith, finds him at the dock of the lake. In another flashback, Deb finds Keith passed out in his room with some needles around him (Suicide? Overdose?). Back in present day, Deb is saying she wants to go with Keith, but he tells her to stay at camp. It is also revealed that she left her husband Fred to open the camp and work with the kids. It is also revealed that Keith is a ghost and he died the night she found him.

In another flashback, Deb comes to the abandoned camp with a jar (possibly his ashes?). Back in present day, Deb has a meeting with the entire camp. They have a box they are filling with things that remind them of Cricket and they bury it. In another part of the forest, Garrett and Jessie find the box of all the ritual stuff (the deer heart, bones, and a lock of hair).

They match the symbol Jessie drew to the map and start connecting the numbers to burial sites. Number one was where Dave (the gardener)’s body was found. Cricket’s body was found at number three. They go to where number two is and find fresh blood, so whatever was buried there was moved recently, meaning whoever moved it, knows that they are onto them.

It is revealed that Damon and his friends did not move whatever was there. Someone who is helping them moved it (they don’t know who it is). The Teacher is mentioned again. It is also revealed that the thing that was moved was Blotter’s head and it was reburied where Cricket’s box is. The episode ends with Garrett stating that whoever is responsible for this is going to kill again because they haven’t found anything at site number four.

My Theories:

In regards to Holyoke’s statement that Amy is the “doorway”, what I believe this means is that Amy is the one thing standing between them (the spirits; specifically Holyoke) and the world. If she’s dead, they won’t have to go back to the spirit world. They could stay here forever. She is literally a doorway between worlds. I also have a theory that the person helping Damon and his friends out could possibly be Deb. I don’t think she is the Teacher and I have no guess as to who the Teacher could possibly be.

My Thoughts:

I really enjoyed this episode. The entire scene with the Ouija board and Amy being possessed creeped the hell out of me. It looked so real and not at all cheesy or cliched. I enjoyed learning more about Deb and while I am still a little suspicious of her because she does own one of those creepy masks. This episode was a bit of a game changer. We learned a lot about what is going on. And I am still super curious as to what Holyoke meant when he said that Amy was the doorway. While the character development for Deb (learning more about her) wasn’t all that interesting to me, I do see the significance with this. That is why my rating was a little bit lower than last weeks. But this was still a fantastic episode and I am super excited to see episode 7!

What are some of your theories on what Holyoke meant when he said Amy was the doorway? Comment down below! And that is going to be it for this review today. Thank you so much for reading this, I hope you enjoyed it, and I will see you next time.



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