Shadowhunters Season Finale: Rants and Raves

Hello! I absolutely had to do a small review of the finale episode. I couldn’t not do it. This will contain spoilers, so I’ll just tell you my general thoughts about this episode before I jump into the spoiler portion. Overall, I thought the acting was at a point that it hadn’t been before. The characters of the TV show were really feeling like the book characters to me. I thought the aesthetics and cinematography were looking really great and the storyline really made sense, which was great. I think I would give this episode a B+.



 Jace’s Dark Side: I LOVED how his character developed throughout this episode. He was a lot like book Jace (angsty, not the humorous part). It really showed how Jace was dealing with finding out that Valentine is his father and how that is going to shape him as a Shadowhunter and human being. I thought it was beautifully executed and Dom’s acting was spot on.

Fight Scene: this was definitely the best fight scene we’ve seen all season. Jace with his double edged seraph blade (which really reminded me of Star Wars and I appreciated that) and Hodge with his chakrams. It was so epic with little use of the sped up effect we’ve come to see. But I didn’t even care because it was choregraphed beautifully and looked like a real, actual fight.

Alec vs His Parents: I enjoyed how he stood up for he was and who he liked. He is finally going to start doing things for himself instead of for his family, which really speaks to his development as a character. He really stood up for Magnus and what he felt and made his parents understand that they won’t be influencing his decision again.

Izzy: I freaking loved Izzy throughout this whole episode. She actually seemed more like herself because she is a bit different from the books. She was badass and feisty and snarky and I really enjoyed it. I also enjoyed how protective we saw her of Alec when she was with him and saw the kiss between Camille and Magnus. It was very book-Izzy.

Alec and Clary: At the end when Jace joins Valentine and he keeps looking back at Clary and she is crying (I was nearly crying in this scene) and Alec comforts Clary. They have had their differences and in this moment of despair and weakness at losing her “brother”, Alec saves her and comforts her. It just really touched my heart.

Clary: Kat’s acting was great in this episode, on a level we haven’t seen before. She really seemed like book-Clary. She was determined and fierce, but ultimately crushed by Jace’s departure. This seemed pretty in  character, at least to me, and it really opened my eyes to how great Kat’s acting got. It was really believable and I thought she did a superb job.


Jocelyn is back: This was the one thing that really rubbed me the wrong way. She should not have woken up. That is a book three thing. That can totally screw up things that are supposed to be happening in City of Ashes (Season 2). Some fights that Clary and her mom have over the course of the books center around her mom being way too overprotective and Clary was on her own for awhile and got on just fine. The time is way too soon if she wakes up in Book 1 (Season 1). I just don’t understand why they would have her wake up so soon.

The Kiss: I couldn’t even watch the kiss between Magnus and Camille that she forced upon him. She knew Alec was coming in there and would see them. I think this totally creates unnecessary tension between Magnus and Alec which never resolves. I feel like we are going to get an early on picture of Alec’s jealousy over the people that Magnus has been with, which really annoyed the hell out of me in the books and was the main reason that I didn’t ship Magnus and Alec in the books. I felt like Magnus deserved better. But never fear, Alec has redeemed himself in my eyes.

Jace Joining the Dark Side: I was not a fan of this storyline just because it is such a deviation from the plot of the books. Jace, yes, he considers it in the books, but he never joins Valentine. There is obviously a pull between Jace and Valentine, but he never acts on it and joins his side. It isn’t like it doesn’t make sense. It does, but I just don’t like it.

Well, those were my thoughts, opinions and feels on the season finale of Shadowhunters. You all should comment what your least and favorite scene from the season finale was. I would love to know. And that is going to be it for this post today. Thank you all so much for reading and I will see you next time.

Love You All to Luna and Back,


P. S. Have you guys heard about how there are going to be 20 episodes next season? I AM SO EXCITED.




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