Shadowhunters: Thoughts and Opinions (Spoiler-Free)

I feel like it is high time to do this since six episodes have aired, which is how many it takes usually for a show to get on its feet and for the actors to really fall into their characters. This also means we are nearly halfway done with the season. Wow! That is crazy. So I will be discussing my thoughts on the characters, the relationships, and things they should do to make it better.


Clary: she always has really weird lines. She annoys me a lot, but she really does seem like Clary. Clary annoyed me in the books, too. I think Kat delivers her lines well; it’s just that the lines suck.

Jace: This sucks because I know Dom can act. He just always delivers the lines sounding really gruff, awkward, and weird. They never sound right. He needs to drop the American accent and just go with the British accent. The American is throwing him off.

Alec: he is my spirit animal. I love Alec. He is hilarious, he delivers his lines really well, and I just really love Alec. I have come to the conclusion that Alec is Jace. He has all of Jace’s lines (things that Jace from the books would say) and he acts like Jace. He is Jace. I ship Alec more with Clary than I do Jace with Clary at this point.

Izzy: she is gorgeous and she is going through major character development. She acts like Izzy, she looks like Izzy, and I just really love the way Eme is delivering the lines. She is trying to do what is right, and I really feel sorry for her because her mom is being a jerkface.

Simon: he cracks me up. I love his lines, I love his acting, and I just love the way he is portrayed because he is spot on in regards to the books. I feel like the show is going in a positive direction now.

Valentine: I love the actor, his lines are okay, though they are delivered in this awesome way. He doesn’t really look like Valentine, but he dresses and acts like Valentine, so I am willing to let it slide. He is so charismatic and his demeanor is so book like that I just love him. I love to hate his character.

Magnus: he is fabulous. I love his acting, I love him flirting with Alec, I love his magic, his demeanor, just everything about him. He looks like Magnus and his acting is spot on. He is so sassy and it is such a step up from that godawful movie.

Things to Improve:

  • Dom needs to drop the stupid American accent. Like I said before, it is throwing him off. It makes him sound really gruff and awkward. He never delivers the lines right.
  • I think they need to keep going in this direction, focusing on the interactions between the characters instead of the stupid special effects.
  • They need to stop the stupid slow motion and speeding up the running special effects from the eighties.
  • They need to stop showing visual magic for the shadowhunters. Shadowhunters don’t do visual magic.
  • They need to separate Jace and Clary and just have her hang out with Izzy or possibly Alec. Just someone that isn’t Jace. The show is so much better when they aren’t together.

So those were my non-spoilery thoughts on Shadowhunters. I am just sort of on the fence with the show right now. Of course I will keep watching it. I will watch this shit until there are no more episodes. However, there are definitely things they need to do better. I am optimistic that as the rest of the season progresses it will get better, after all episodes five and six were the best ones they have ever had. I just encourage you all to remain optimistic about the show.

Love You All to Luna and Back,



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